Mental health

Mental health? What? Why do i care about mental health? I am perfectly fine. I dont need anything to do. I am not showing any atypical behaviour. 

You cab heard whenever you try to ask someone to care of mental health. Mental health is more dangerous than physical health because person does not see the wound and so that unable to heel self. 

Mental health can be seen through various ways and the basic one is sudden or gradual change in behavior towards negativity. Social withdrawal, silence, aggression, isolation, crying spells and many more. You just need to be on alert mode and if sensing those behaviour is self and loved ones then do talk to each other. 


Men Psychology

Whenever we talk about men, we just think about that how dominant they are or they does not want to see a woman equal to him. This is true but not 100% true. 

Man is someone, if he support female of his life then they can reach on heights. 

After marriage man do face so many changes psychologically because now life is divided between life partner and others.

Man do face difficulty when they get heartbreaks. They does cry. 

They care for others but they does not know how to express. Their expression is usually restricting females or youngers.

Man are not that emotionally strong, they does not know how to express emotions, they just behave rigid.

If you start understanding Men of your life, life would be easy because stereotypes are so much into blood that men does not express and so that they seem wrong so many times.


Love… Got a smile on face? May be imagining person too. 

Couples love each other or they just love the idea of love. Idea of love says that if these, these things are happening in your life so its mean you are in love. We all want fairytale style of love stories. But is it love? Ask yourself, you have so many expectations with each other that your lover should do this and that, so this are demands, where is love?

Now these days people are so busy in their life that they dont have time to think about love, lust. 

Now lust is love and love does not exist.


Father… He is someone who is very significant in life. Being an Indian you can understand the importance and place of father in our life. He is someone who is here to earn money for us. Majority fathers are just ATM for the family because they think giving money is just the work and responsibility they have. Giving moral education and making good human is a task of a mother.

 Why they are like this? Why they can’t be on the same level to their kids? Why fathers think that they are not accountable for any thing? Why if something is not accordance to them they raise their voice and hand. Just because they are feeding the family does not mean they got a right to slap someone or shout on someone.

Why male ego is so high that they does not want to listen others? Just because they are male does not mean they are always right.

Father is someone who is support and power for their kids and if they does not trust on their children’s capabilities then how can be someone reach to the aim of their life? 

Giving advise is fine but forcing to follow the advise is not at all fine. 

Aggression won’t help someone to earn respect. Members may scared off to you but they does not respect you at all.

Read and share with those who think that being father means just remain as an ATM, father is a relation of love and support. 


we all expect so many things from each other. sometimes these expectations hurt so much that you end up with fighting.

Why do we expect so much? With whom we have expectation? Did ever sensed that we expect from our loved ones more?If just a known or unknown person unable to full fill our expectations we did not feel hurt of broken but when a closeone unable to full fill expectations we broke so bad.

unfullfillment of expectations does not hurt, we got hurt by people. If you dont want to hurt yourself then start keeping less expectations to others. Less expectations = Less broken or hurt.

Fear of loosing you

I was so much attach to you that I had fear of loosing you. 

I gave my all to you because my happiness was associated with you. If you were happy so was I. 

Now, I have nothing for me. Now you are no longer with me.

I asked to myself what I got? Unanswered questions, still in search, why I had that fear? Was I selfish? Was it because I linked my happiness with you and pampering myself i was pampering you? Why I gave my all to you?

Once one of my Professor said that kisi ko itna bhi na do ki khud ke liye kuch na bache. This is so true, neither I have you nor emotions much.